St. Charles Borromeo Church

Parish Ministries

Ministry of Community

Meeting the needs of others is of paramount concern to this ministry - not just the needs of our parish community, but our local and global communities as well. By becoming involved in the various programs listed below, we truly step forward in our discipleship and put our faith into action.

  • Coalition for People in Need (CPN)
As a covenant church, members are needed as volunteers to work with those who are seeking assistance.  CPN's office is located on State St. and have office hours of Tue.-Thurs. 4 - 5:30 p.m., and Fri. 4-5 p.m.
Contact Person:  Jennifer Woodall at 345-5009
  • Habitat for Humanity
As a covenant church we support Habitat through prayers, an annual collection and a work crew.  All it takes is love and a little guidance to build a home.  Why not be part of the St. Charles Team ?
Parish Contacts: Corrine Joyner

  • St. Vincent DePaul Society
An international group, under the patronage of the great French priest St. Vincent DePaul, with strong roots in our community. Its participants are people of prayer seeking to serve God’s poor through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
Parish Contact: Terry Coulton
  • Hedwig Haus of Hospitality

Opened in 2011, the Hedwig Haus is a home for women and children in crisis.  It is a part of the Catholic Worker
Movement established in 1933 by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.  Volunteers are needed to spend time
"on the Haus," visiting with residents, helping a child with homework and even helping to prepare a meal.
Shifts are 3 hours long and go from 10am - 10pm.
Opportunities for Prayer
Of course, as Catholics, prayer is a very precious part of our every day life. It is what draws us closer to our God and makes us more aware of the needs and feelings of others. In our parish we have two wonderful opportunities to unite ourselves as one voice to God.
  • The St. Charles Electronic Prayer Chain
A few years ago, a member of our parish called frantically requesting prayers for his brother who had just had a medical emergency. Immediately calls went out to many people and each was asked to call others. That incident became the catalyst for the Electronic Prayer Chain. Now as requests come into the office- within minutes a large number of people can be contacted and prayers can be offered up.
  • The Blessed Frederic Ozanam League
Any and all individuals who choose to offer prayers and sacrifices for the intentions of those assisted by the Society of St. Vincent DePaul and others requesting their prayers. Members spiritually asisst our local Vincentians in living the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. Members receive a prayer booklet, St. Vincent Medal, and a regular letter highlighting Prayer intentions.

Ministry of Hospitality

Hospitality is the hallmark of what it means to be church.  There are many opportunities for people to extend a sense of warmth and welcome and a "Glad you're here !" attitude.

The different components of the Ministry of Hospitality are:

  • 50 Plus Club
Meeting regularly throughout the year, this spunky group of parishioners come together to share their love for each other, their stage of life and most of all, their God.
  • Friends & Families
This social group is open to everyone in the parish. They get together on a regular basis to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Welcome Ministry
This ministry reaches out to those who are new to our community.  With a folder full of information about St. Charles, our local community and a baked treat - these members share hospitality on behalf of our parish.
  • Transportation Providers

This fleet of drivers provides rides for our elderly and homebound to Mass on the weekends, to parish events, and personal appointments when needed.

  • We Care
Working with the Ministry of Consolation, We Care offers a relaxing and well needed meal after funeral Masses. People are needed to:
            - prepare side dishes
            - serve as host/hostess at the dinner.
Chairpersons: Judi Vaughn, Cindy Livingston, Rosie Schniers, Connie Huber, & Katie Armstrong
  • General Hospitality
Many opportunities arise during the year when refreshments are needed:
            Parish Gatherings, Funeral Visitations, Receptions, Visitors etc. These members would see to these functions.
Chairperson: position open
  • Helping Hands
A special ministry that will provide meals for parish members who have medical treatments, surgery or other situations of need.
Chairperson: Maureen Smith
Ministry of Liturgy
The Ministry of Liturgy helps provide very meaningful and grace-filled liturgical celebrations through the following sub-ministries:
  • Environment Ministry
Responsible for decorating the worship space through the year. In addition to members who meet on a regular basis to plan and design- part-time volunteers are needed to help with a one-time task or project.
Chairperson: Lucy Campanis
  • Music Ministry
Responsible for providing music for our Masses and other liturgical celebrations. Needed are:
               Other instrumentalists
               Choir Members
Chairperson: Glenna Murphy
  • Liturgical Ministers
                Eucharistic Ministers
                Gift Bearers
Eucharistic Ministers are also needed to bring the Eucharist to our home bound members and those who would be hospitalized at Sarah Bush.
The Rosary is prayed before every weekend Mass.  People are needed to lead this beautiful prayer at these Masses.

Ministry of Consolation
(Sub-committee of Ministry of Liturgy)
The Ministry of Consolation's focus is to reach out to the individuals of St. Charles when they have experienced a loss.  Ready to assist the pastor, this ministry secures persons needed for the Funeral Mass. Those who wish to be a part of this ministry need to be available during the day, when most funerals are celebrated.
The following ministers are needed:
         - Lector
      - Ushers
      - Eucharistic Ministers
      - Servers
      - Greeters
      - Pall Attendants - Those who will place the pall, the white cloth reminiscent of our Baptism, over the casket.
      - Guest Registry
Chairpersons: Corrine Joyner and Dan Ensign
The Ministry of Education
The call to follow in the footsteps of Jesus requires each of us, regardless of age and background, to learn all that we can about our faith, our church, and in turn, ourselves.
  • Ministry Member
This ministry works as a group of thinkers and innovators for the present and future direction of educational programs for both children and adults. As a member your input is needed as we prepare ourselves and our youth for the challenges of living the Catholic lifestyle today.
  • Catechist
Catechists are an integral part of the Ministry of Education. It is also not too early to consider being a new catechist for next year or to volunteer as a substitute. Classes are:
                 Grades PreK through 3rd, as well as 7th & 8th meet Sunday mornings after Mass
                 Grades 4th through 6th meet after school on Wednesdays
                 High School sessions are held 2 Sunday evenings of each month at 7 p.m. in Moriarty Hall
Materials and In-Services are provided for all grade levels. Each class is assigned two teachers for more flexibility.
  • Adult Education
Opportunities continue in our parish through the Epic, Church History Course of Study, Wednesday morning
Scripture Study, and Sunday Bible Study.
Our Living the Eucharist sessions will begin again this Lent.  Watch the bulletin for more information and
the vestibule for the group sign-up sheets.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
The RCIA is an initiation into a way of life. It is a process of growth and conversion. The process is for anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic faith and way of life
              those who are unbaptized
              those who are baptized into another faith tradition and are no longer living in that tradition,
              those who are baptized Catholic and received no further instruction.
RCIA is in session the year round, with new groups forming twice a year or as needed. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:
  • Sponsor
One who will journey with the catechumens and candidates, by attending the sessions, introducing them to the community, answering their questions and basically being there for them.


Ministry of Youth

The members of this ministry coordinate the activities of the junior and senior high school youth of the parish. Together with the youth themselves, they are involved in social and educational functions and all that brings the youth into greater realization of what it means to be Church.
Youth Minister: Angie Buescher

Ministry of Maintenance

Maintenance members evaluate the conditions of the parish buildings and grounds, obtain multiple bids on projects, prepare studies of future maintenance needs, all in collaboration with the parish maintenance technician.
Chairperson:  Ray Kuznicki
Secretarial Help
Our parish office is a very busy place and often times help is needed. Our Office Manager, Reba Kortte would enjoy your help stuffing bulletins, copying, and assisting in mail outs. Most work is done during regular office hours but times arise when work can be taken home and completed.
Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization.
        They work to strengthen family life.
        They work actively toward Christian goals of unity and understanding.
        They strive to promote Catholic values.
        They foster athletic, cultural and social events.
        They aid the developmentally disabled.
The Knights of Columbus were founded in 1883. Today they have over a million and a half members in over 9,000 local units throughout the world. Council #4024 meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Knights Room, located in the lower level of the rectory.
Grand Knight: Ray Kuznicki
Women's Auxiliary #4024
This group of ladies strives to participate in charitable, church, community and family activities as they give
themselves and their time to the service of others.  They also assist in promoting the welfare of the
K of C Council #4024.  By dedicating themselves to these goals, they hope to promote friendship among
members and families. 
President:  Sarah Fehrenbacher
St. Charles Women
When St. Charles began in the mid 1800's, our women and their families gave their time and talent so their church would flourish. The same is true today. In addition to being a part of our many parish ministries, they sponsor social gatherings, parish retreats, and our annual bazaar and rummage sales, contributing much to the parish life and friendships among the church community. Their generosity toward capital purchases of our parish, also speak of their dedication to the legacy of St. Charles.
Co-Chairs: Cindy Livingston & Renee Smith
  • Gift Shop - The SCW also sponsor a monthly gift shop where religious items for various occasions and celebrations may be purchased.  Women are needed to help with the set up and sale.          
        Chairperson:  Corrine Joyner
The Ministry of Leadership
The Pastoral Council and the Finance Council go about the work of the present and future affairs of St. Charles. These councils are called by the parish to serve as consultants to the pastor in assuring that all aspects of parish life reflect the mission and ministry of Jesus:
          - to teach
          - to pray
          - to serve one another
                  Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils- Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
The members of the Pastoral Council:
         - pray
         -encourage participation of parishioners
         -foster unity
         -promote dialogue of all members of the parish
         -evaluate the vision and the movement of the parish family
         -meet monthly
The members of the Finance Council:
        -coordinate the budget making process each year
        -review the expenditures at the end of the year
        -keep the Pastoral Council and the parish family updated
        -coordinate any increased revenue projects
        -meet quarterly
The members of both councils serve a three year term. Appointments are made by the pastor after consultation with present council members.